Here's Jack!

Jack is a 32 pound Rat Terrier or Jack/Rat Cross rescued from a kill shelter in Wooster, Ohio
on April 1, 2000. He was no fool! Jack was our first foster and we fell hard for him.
We really loved him and his great personality but Jack and Zippi didn't get along too well.
Both boys wanted to be in charge which never works. Jack is a great frisbee dog and
excellent with obedience. He was such a super all around dog and we still miss him.
He now lives with a wonderful family here in Michigan.

This is Jack.

He's a handsome Rat Terrier (or Jack/Rat) boy.

Jack was great at basic obedience.

He was always very attentive to people.

Especially if food or treats were involved!

Just look at that face!

We love you bunches Jack!